Level Two

The second level of Ginungagap is being explored by:

Braug the Barbarian (level 2)
Hissthou the Druid (level 2)
Mahrech the Arcanist (level 2) – Killed by a Quasit
Zaglis the Slayer (level 2)

Part the First:

With Deadeye Dunmore staying in Dammenheim to take care of personal business for several days, Braug, Hissthou, and Mahrech recruited a dwarven specialist at the recommendation of a favorite barkeeper. Zaglis joined the expedition, and the party cracked into the second floor of the ruin. Here a variety of beasts and other creatures ranging from monstrous plants to dire weasels and from demons to animated objects assaulted the party. Against a Quasit in a room full of recently upturned graves, Mahrech met his end. His body was given a liquid burial in a pool of acid discovered on the floor. Shortly thereafter, the party retreated back to Dammenheim with a now friendly shocker lizard to regroup and find additional help against the horrors of the tunnel.

Part the Second:

This story is waiting to be written.

Level Two

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